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Promises (Dirk x Reader) - Part 4
"Even if they leave you all alone, you'll always have me here with you."


"I promise."

You awoke with a start; your eyes opened wide and your breathing staggered.
What was that dream? 
You stared up at the ceiling, thinking long and hard about it.
It doesn't feel like it was a dream though... it feels like it was... a memory.
You silently looked at the ceiling which now bore a bright orange hue from the window.
"Morning already, huh?" You sighed. You tried to sit up from your spot but felt something holding you down from your side. You turned over and–
"DIRK?!!" You yelped. 
"Hng...?" Dirk grumbled in his sleep. He opened his eyes slightly. In that instance, you pushed the blond haired boy out of the bed.
"OW! The fuck!" He sat up from the floor, grabbing his triangle shades and slipping them on.
"What the HELL are you doing?!" You yelled.
"Uhh... sleeping? Or at least I was until SOMEONE pushed me off the
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Promises (Dirk x Reader) - Part 3
"She seems to be suffering from amnesia." The doctor said. Jake sat on the other side of the desk. He glanced over at Dirk, who sat on the floor leaned against the wall. Dirk had his triangle shades on the ground next to him and he only looked out the window of the office, his eyes the portrait of an empty shell.
"It's the most peculiar thing though." The doctor continued.
"She forgets everything from before the accident which isn't as weird, but the fact that she can't seem to remember anything about your friend there is really interesting." The doctor motioned towards Dirk.
"Not even anything from her childhood?" Jake asked. 
"She can't remember him at all it seems. For her, it must be like there's a shadow of a person in her memories." 
"I'll make her remember me." Dirk muttered.
"She'll remember me again. I just have to go remind her." Dirk got up, putting on his shades. Before he could get out of the office though, the doctor called out to him.
"Mr. Strider, if you force
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 22 4
Promises (Dirk x Reader) - Part 2
~3 months later~
Dirk walked into his house after a busy day at work.
"Jade!" He called out but heard no reply. He shrugged, figuring she was still at work or went out with her friends. But then he heard noises from upstairs. He walked up to their room and his eyes widened. His brother, Dave, had his lips planted on Jade. And she was enjoying it.
Dirk slammed the door open, causing Jade and Dave to separate in alarm. 
"D-Dirk! I thought you were coming home late—" 
"How long have you been with my brother?!" He yelled.
"Dirk I can explain—" Dave tried to say. 
"SHUT UP DAVE!" Dirk yelled, making Dave back down instantaneously. Dirk grabbed his katana and as swiftly as possible, he attacked Dave, but Dave flash jumped out of the way. 
"How could you Dave?! How could you do this to your own brother!!" He yelled and tried to attack once again, this time managing to cut Dave's cheek. 
Dirk suddenly stopped. He pointed his katana straight at Jade,
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A New Friend (John Egbert x Reader)
"Ugh.. Seriously? This is so not cool." You murmured to yourself.
You were sitting outside Skaia Institute—your college campus—exasperated and exhausted from a day full of classes. Not only did you have a presentation today, but you also had two other tests as well. And it wasn't for your easy subjects, oh no, it was the two subjects you were struggling most with: math and biochemistry.
What made it even worse was that instead of driving to school; blasting your music and enjoying the little bit of peace you got, your mom had to come along that morning because she wanted to use your car. So you had to wait at the school for her to come get you. 
You've been waiting for 3 hours now.
"UGH!! Seriously!!" You practically yelled. The urge to punch something was growing stronger and stronger.
"Um, excuse me?" You heard a voice from the side of you. You looked over to find a guy with a navy blue shirt that had a symbol that looked like waves. He has a dorky buck-toothed smile
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 29 3
Promises (Dirk x Reader) - Part One
You sat crossed legged on your bed staring at a small card; an invitation to a wedding. Your childhood friend, Dirk Strider's wedding. You stared at the card, your eyes a cold stare. You weren't sure how you were supposed to feel. Happy? Overjoyed? Sad? Angry? None of those seemed to fit how you felt. You were just numb to the core.
You were 5 years old when you first met the blonde, triangular shaded boy. He was your next door neighbour's son. Your friendship was instantaneous. You both were close; inseparable in fact. So much so that both your parents and his thought the two of you would one day get married.
You both went to the same school, were in the same classes (which was a miracle by the way) and both of you would spend most of your time together all day everyday. Everything was good back then. Until on your 11th birthday, your parents got a divorce. You took it hard. One day, you ended up going to Dirk's house. Dirk knew everything that happened and how much
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 38 24
The Tension Is Real (Dirk x Reader)
It was war between you and your boyfriend, Dirk. It all started when Dirk decided to challenge you to a bet.
"Whoever breaks from pent up sexual desire first, loses." He said as he pulled you flush against him, his smirk ever present on his face.
"And what do I get out of this?" You said, glaring at the triangle shaded, incredibly attractive Strider. He paused to think it over then gave you a devilish grin.
"If you win, I'll do whatever you want me to, unconditionally." 
"That doesn't sound like much."
"For a week?" He said. You rolled your eyes.
"Still doesn't sound like much." You said.
"A year." He said. You paused.
"...An entire year of doing anything I want."
"Unconditionally?" Dirk nodded.
Thinking it over, a whole year of Dirk doing anything you want unconditionally?
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 121 22
Nightmares (John x Reader)
"Joooohn..." she whined. She looked over at her boyfriend who seemed to be asleep next to her.
"What's wrong, (Y/n)?" He sleepily replied.
"I... I can't sleep." She said quietly. Her voice hinted at distress, making John sit up, slightly alarmed.
"Again?" He frowned. She sat up and looked at John with a small, sheepish smile on her face, however, her eyes showed the fear she became all too familiar with.
"Sorry. I hate waking you up like this but—" before she could say any more, John wrapped his arms around her waist and fell back, taking her down with him. He rested her head right over his heart, taking deep breaths of her scent.
"I don't mind (Y/n), really." He whispered.
"Still..." (Y/n) yawned. John smiled a little. She was already falling asleep again.
"I love you, John." (Y/n)'s voice trailed into a whisper as she fell asleep.
"I love you too, (Y/n)."
John held her close to him and closed his eyes, taking in the comforting silence surrounding them.
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 67 10
Stop Avoiding Me! (Karkat x Reader)
TRIGGER WARNING: #swearing #slightooc
He was irritated; much more irritated than how he usually is. He laid on the couch in the living room trying to take his mind off of what was irritating him by watching his favourite rom-coms while hugging the pillow his moirail gave him. However, he couldn't keep himself focused on the movie in front of him. He looked out the window, seeing the dark grey clouds setting up outside. He sat up and let out a deep sigh. He ran a frustrated hand through his shaggy, ebony hair, making sure not to touch his nubby horns that sat on his head.
"I have to find her."
You sat down on the couch, staring at the TV, flicking through channels as your friends Rose, Jade, John and Dave sat around you, having a conversation that you weren't that interested in. You couldn't focus on what was happening around you, as your mind had been
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 285 52
Soundwave (Dirk x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #slight ooc #One swear word. One.
The club resonated with music, the bass blared loudly throughout the speakers at the front.
Tonight you were at your boyfriend, Dirk Strider's concert. Dirk and his twin brother, Dave stood facing the audience, their best instruments laid out in front of them.
You don't usually go to their concerts due to having long days and being very tired by the end of it. But you took today off at Dirk's request.
"Please babe?" Dirk pleaded.
"But you know I have to work, Dirk." You argued.
"I know, you're all important and shit but come on you have to come to my concert. Please?"
"What's the special occasion?" You crossed your arms over your chest, growing impatient. Dirk pulled you flush against his chest, making your cheeks begin to burn up.
"It's a surprise." His smirk said it was something he'd been planning for a while. You rolled your eyes.
"Alright fine." You knew you we
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 162 52
Insufferable Prick (Dave x Reader)
TRIGGER WARNING: #sexual themes  #slight OOC #a little swearing (not that bad though)
(Reader POV)
"Dave!" I exclaimed. He was hovering over me, his hands beside my head on both sides and his legs on either side of mine. How exactly did this happen? I'm not even sure myself.
"Ahhh finally!" I stretched my arms as Dave and I walked inside the apartment.
"I am so sick of having such boring classes. I swear, it's like teachers have it out for us. As if giving us homework every day wasn't already torture, right Dave? ... Dave?" I looked around for the blond haired boy.
"Dave I swear if you try to scare me with one of your brother's weird smuppets I'm going to do some sort of acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle." He does this anytime I'm at his place. You'd think I'd be used to it but how do you get used to so much plush rump just jutting out and..
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 380 110
I'll Cheer You Up (Sollux x Reader)
TRIGGER WARNING: #swearing (not even but oh well) #slight OOC
Striders don't cry. They don't show weakness. But right now, you couldn't hold back your tears. You sat on the floor, leaning against the bed allowing the tears to flow down your cheeks.
You have been struggling to cope with your depression as it has taken its toll on you in the past few weeks. Today was probably the worst though. You had found out that your crush, Karkat Vantas, had asked Terezi Pyrope out instead of you. Terezi, knowing you like Karkat and not really taking a fancy to you, decided to shove it in your face. On top of having your heart crushed, your so called "best friend", (f/n), had told you that they didn't want to be friends anymore.
And so here you were, huddled in a close, protective ball, sobbing in your room as quietly as you could, just so Dave and Dirk wouldn't hear.
You had developed your depression since you were in midd
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 280 65
It's never too late (Dirk x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #swearing #suicide #depression #slight OOC
Dirk realized it too late. He didn't know she was hurting so much inside. He didn't know she had been suffering alone, not even talking to anyone about it. Not even him.
That is, until she left him a message on his pesterchum.
I'm sorry, but everything has gotten really hard for me to bare. I can't take the insults and abuse anymore. I won't make this long but I need to get this off my chest before... before I'm gone.
Dirk, I love you. I always have since we first met in junior year. You really made me happy.
But I know you won't return the feelings. Don't feel bad! I'm just glad I got to love you.
This is going to be the last time you'll ever hear from me. I'm sorry.
Goodbye Dirk.

And so he ran. He didn't care about the fact that his brothers were yelling at him to get back in the apartment. He didn't care that his heart was racing, that his
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 186 91
Can't sleep (Dave x Reader)
Trigger Warning: #swearing #sexual themes
N-no! Please (Y/n)! You can't leave me!! Not like this!! Please! You have to live!!
No... No!!!

I jolted awake, my eyelids flying open as I sat up from the bed, looking at my surroundings frantically. My heart was pounding loudly, my chest falling and rising in a quick manner; each breath being inhaled as full on gasps of air, almost like I wasn't breathing at all and my lungs were dying from lack of oxygen.
The room was dark and quiet, only sounds of my rapidly beating heart and my quivering breath were to be heard. I looked around the room. My alarm showed the time: 3:49 am.
"Shit..." I muttered, rubbing the back of my neck. I slid my hand next to me. The bed was cold, and the blanket was missing from the other side. Sudden realization came to me.
Where did she go?
Oh fuck no.

I threw the blanket to the side and jumped out of bed, completely forgetting about my
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 436 113
Shooting Stars (Dave x Reader)
You always wanted to go stargazing with someone. You mostly wanted to go with your best friend and crush, Dave Strider, but he was always busy with his night job working at Club Skaia.
"Sorry (Y/n), but you know I gotta work in the night."
"R-right. Forgot about that. It's okay Dave. Maybe another time."

You remembered the sad smile you gave him after saying that. But you knew he would be busy whether or not he was working at the club. He does have a life, you know.
You sighed heavily as you sat on the rooftop of the apartment building you and Dave both live in. This was where you met him, after all.
It was a few weeks after you moved into your new place, finally getting away from your old life. You lived on the top floor of the building, as it was one of the cheapest places to get. You didn't know why until a few days after you moved in. Every now and again you would hear no
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 229 52
Show me your smile (Dirk x Reader)
(A/N) There is literally ONE SWEAR WORD IN HERE. So yeah. Enjoy! :D
She smiled at him, hiding the feelings that she felt behind it. The smile that could trick everyone into thinking she was fine. She was a pro at using it. She thought he never noticed. She thought no one noticed or even remotely cared about it. It had gotten to the point where she couldn't even show her real smile. She didn't even know what her real smile looked like anymore.
"See you later, Dirk!" She smiled with that same emotionless smile again. He waved as they both parted ways in the street. Dirk Strider lived across from her, always walking her home and making sure she got home safe as well. The neighborhood they lived in wasn't the safest place, but it was still liveable. They had been friends since the first day they started grade one. Dirk and (Y/N) had spent most of their lives as best friends, making it inevitable that his f
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 271 63
Happy Birthday, John! (John x Reader)
HAPPY 4/13 EVERYONE!!!!!!!! This is my first readerx fanfic and I finished it on time! Hells to the yes! Anways, do enjoy! Also has swearing cause it's homestuck.
Small note: (y/s) = Your symbol

.:*~Third Person POV~*:.
"Oh gog." (Name) said as stood in her bedroom in her (f/c) pajamas. She stood looking at her calendar which had red marker on it circling one specific date.
April 13th.
It was her best friend John Egbert's birthday tomorrow.  And she had forgotten about it.
She looked at her alarm, seeing it was 12:00pm. It was a Saturday, so she slept in. (Name) had set up a plan to meet with Dave, Rose, and Jade today to plan a surprise party for Egderp. Problem is, she forgot to tell the three about the meeting and she didn't have any actual plan set up for the party.
The day was still young though, so she quickly ran to the bathroom to shower and made her way back into her room and put on her s
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So you've stumbled upon a college student's DA profile.
Yes, I am 20. Yes, I am a homestuck, and yes, I am also a gamer girl. Nice to meet you.
Hey, if you feel like it, you can message me and we can talk, maybe exchange social networking stuff and become good buddies! Cause you know, can't ever have enough friends.

Promise I won't bite.


I also have a tumblr where I reblog literally anything. It's a multi-fandom blog so feel free to just browse about.


Mystic Messenger literally took over my life.
I'm tempted to rewrite my story "Truth be Hurtful" and make some serious improvements. 

I was tagged by the wonderful :iconoreocheesecake-chan: and have decided to continue this ridiculously long chain. :icondaveapprovesplz:

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to.
Hit shuffle on your iPod/iTunes/media player and write then the first ten songs. 
Next pass it on to ten people!

Oooookay. Here we go.

My 10 songs

Mayonaka no Orchestra - Aqua Timez (shit shit shit my weeb side is already showing. my narutard side too. shit.)

All This Time - Fox Stevenson

Duty - Hiroki Morishita
Oh shit we got some fire emblem music all in here ahaha...

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Alyssa Reid

One More Bottle - Hollywood Undead

Dawn of the End - The Homestuck Fan Musicians ahaha we got homestuck music in here toooo

No Ulterior Motives - Walk Off The Earth

Mason Jar (Monsieur Adi Remix) - Smallpools

Summer - Calvin Harris

Anything - Hedley

Oh shit, I'm done. Well that was fast.


Don't feel like tagging anyone so if you wanna do it, feel free to do so and tag me in it!


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